A few months ago I was extended an invitation to join the board for CaperCon as it registered itself into a nonprofit organization.

Previously it had been an organizing committee and the business side of things had been run out of Cape Breton University. While this helped them get off the ground it wasn’t a viable, long-term strategy.

Since joining the team as Treasurer, I’ve also taken on the role of Directory of Technology & Registration. I’ve secured a number of key sponsorships and fostered relevant, meaningful business relationships with community stakeholders. I’ve done this as part of an energetic, young, passionate team who are on the path to developing a large, ongoing and profitable annual community event.

We’re also working on a series of ongoing events throughout the year in order to build our brand, grow our community and provide ongoing marketing.

My personal goal is to see CaperCon expand into also delivering a tech component to its brand, either as part of the main CaperCon event in the fall or as a standalone event in the spring or early summer.

The next few years for CaperCon are going to be very exciting.

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