Who am I?

In a past life I was a manager at the biggest hotel in Atlantic Canada. In 2009 I moved to Cape Breton with my wife and started down a new path in technology, eventually working for industry leading companies and writing code for some of the biggest entities in sport & entertainment in North America.

I’m an avid, lifelong-learner. You’ll usually find me burning through content in my Flipboard feed during my downtime. My current passions are machine learning and practical artificial intelligence applications, geek culture and personal development strategies.

In recent years I’ve moved into a technology training role and expanded my skillset towards business operations & strategic development.

In my free time I’m actively working towards helping grow the geek community in Cape Breton, both as a board member for CaperCon and through volunteer consulting work with relevant small businesses. I’m also the Vice-Chair of the Cape Breton Regional Library board. I do these things because I believe that growing the cultural and educational elements of our community will be one of the fastest and most impactful ways to improve the overall quality of life for all residents of Cape Breton. I believe that my specific skillsets and experience make me well suited to this purpose.